Sabathia wins the Battle but the astros will win the war

  Even though the astros lose to Sabathia the astros have a good shoot at winning the series. Yes I know sheets is one of the best pitchers in the NL but the astros have proven that the can beat him. Right know that game is a coin flip. With Moehler the quality start machine the astros have a shoot and I would expect the astros to score 3-4 runs. But the question is will that be enough? The answer yes. If moehler shutout the cubs he can certainly be able to blake the brewers.

Now on to Para, if this guy couldn’t beat the reds how is he suposed to beat the astros. The only question is which wandy will show up. My expectation would be no but the astros will win 7-5 over para, and if not para it will be Gange.

But with the lose to Sabathia the astros might of cost themselves a playoff spot. even though I thought the astros would finish with a winning record i think that swep in houston by the hands of the pirates was the last thing that killed any shot what so ever.

But the games still need to be played and I will watch til the last game, hoping the astros shock the world for the thrid time in five years and come out of nowhere for the forth in those five. But that probably won’t happen because of the inconsitance of wandy and backe.

As for a little side note the Brewers let Sabathia throw 130 pitch to get his 6 complete game. If the Brewers are doing this they are clearly trying to burn Sabathia out so they would get the best of what was left in him. So warning to the Yankees or anybody whose intrested in Sabathia becarful what you give because it could be the second coming of Barry Zito.


“OMG, I can’t believe they booed Backe” Please.

   ” Oh my God, I can’t Believe they booed Backe”, Please give me a break. This is what I had to listen to while whatching the game. I mean really what so hard to believe he gave up three Home Runs and 11 total, Come on and the reason they gave themselves for saying this ridculous statment. Your gonna loves this, the reason they gave themselves was that when your guy going bad you souldn’t boo them. HUH!!!!! Hey this is planet earth calling planet princess ponys, This isn’t little League you dumb blondes. This guy a professional athalete, he’s pay to pitch well not to have 85% of the Stadium empty by the time the home team comes to bat for the first time.

Then instead of talking about the game, cheering, talking about Biggio’s jersey retirement, or Roy Oswalt straight up dominating preformence. They are talking about the olympics and Micheal Phelps. Grated what Phelps did was impressive, but when your in MMP the only thing you talk about sports wise is the astros and the astros only. So to those dumb blondes of Houston here are some rules when your at MMP

Rule #1 Don’t ever say “Oh my God” unless Berkman or somebody is having the game of his life

Rule #2 Only talk about the Astros, Nothing else

Rule #3 SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah, silence of the stupid.

Biggio to the Rafters next to #5

          How appropriate that tomorrow Biggio’s #7 will be next to #5 Jeff Bagwell. The two have cemmented their legends together as not only as the greatest astros of all-time but they have also tied their two careers together. The Fact that you can’t think of one without the other is a testament to how great these two were together, and had Jeff’s shoulder han’t gone out He could of been part of the 3000 hit 500Hr Club and making these two careers even more special. I’m Glad I was able to watch these two play, and to those who didn’t get the chance they should find a way too. Wether it’s old film or hearing it from their parrents or grandparrents. They should know how this great game called baseball is played. Now That i’m done going over Biggio and Bagwell I would like to say something to Biggio and Bagwell. That is see you in copperstown in 2013.

who would you bring back in 2009? Backe or Wandy?

            As we all know backe and wandy have become huge disapointments in the last three weeks. But in this we have a bit of a problem; one of them has to be your fifth starter. With Backe you have hard nose pitcher who doesn’t like to lose, has one heck of a bat for a pitcher, and has a reputation for being a big game pitcher. On the other hand you have wandy who Nolan Ryan said that he has the best curve ball he’s ever seen from a left handed pitcher( and thats coming from a guy that had one of the nastiest curveball in history).

Now with this in mind here’s my roster for 2009.


1. 2B Matsui

2. SS Tejada

3. 1B Berkman

4. LF Lee

5. 3B Blalock ( free agent from texas)

6. RF Pence

7. CF Bourn/ Tim Raines Jr. (aquired in trade with arizona; Report: Same speed as Bourn switch hitter 15-25 Bombs a year and gets stronger every year)

8. C Quintero

9. Pitcher



1. Oswalt

2. Sheets

3. Wolf

4. Moehler

5. ???????



Cf Erstad

3B Blum/ Saccamano( from AAA Round Rock)

2B Lorretta

C Towles (asuming ausmus retires)

OF Ray Sadler ( most productive hitter at AAA Round Rock



LR/MRP Cris Sampson

MRP/ Left Wright

Left Brydak

MRP Brocail

SU Geary

SU Quals/ Cla Meridith ( FA from AZ or SD)

CP Valverde

Now we have are 2009 roster, whos your fifth starter Backe or Wandy?


Tejada/ Tejeda; 31 or 33

Look I probably not the only Astros Fan who doesn’t care about this story but it needs to be adressed. Tejada or Tejeda one letter in his name doesn’t make a difference to me. Neither does his age. No matter what his name is or age I don’t care. As long as he can produce and be a stand up guy in that club house Age is no factor, And to make a big deal about his name is uncalled for and who ever did this interveiw should be ashamed of himself.

Bullpen or a fire pen

Anybody who has watched the astros knows
that the astros relivers (expect for a select few) are take
their gas can to the mound and liting the ballpark on fire.
My soulution FIRE SALE the bullpen everyone except Brocail,
Wright, Valverde(strugling or not he has the stuff to get it
done), and Geary. Replacements that would make are bullpen
great are in are system. Frenando Nieve can’t stay health as
a starter so make him a reliver. The others are Mark
Maclemore, Brad James, Stepen Randolph, and maybe Felipe
Paulino. If we wait to long to fix this we will find are
selfs out of contention. So nip it in the butt or we will
dispear to the bottom of MLB.